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Detox Body Scrub

Detox Body Scrub

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Detoxify and chill with our detox body scrub. Rid your body of toxins, decrease inflammation, and encourage cell turnover all thanks to Mother Nature. 

50/50 organic cane sugar and Epsom salt mix. Organic green spirulina is packed with omega-3 fatty acids which help to boost collagen, creating a youthful glow. Epsom salt and magnesium will help to detoxify the body while soothing achy, tired muscles. 

Ingredients: Epsom salt, cane sugar*, green spirulina*, jojoba oil*, magnesium oil, chamomile & grapefruit essential oils. 

Scent: Fresh, citrusy, crisp, & upfliting. Subtle hint floral & calming. 

Use on body 2-3x a week after shaving, and avoiding any wounds due to the salt content. Mix it up before use, and avoid water entering the jar to keep bacteria at bay. That’s what the spoon is for! 

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