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Divinity female ritual oil

Divinity female ritual oil

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Inspired by the goddess of love, divinity oil is made to empower your inner being. Open up your heart chakra to the highest vibration of self love, confidence, and sensuality.

Our sensitive formula is made for your most sacred area. Use for an erotic massage, to moisturize down below, or as a sultry lubricant. Call out your divine feminine with our natural aphrodisiac elixir. 

Magical neroli combined with rose & ylang ylang provide a stack of skin benefits. Improve circulation, ease stress & depression, improve skin appearance, and even calm menopause symptoms. 

Ingredients: Primrose oil*, coconut oil*, jojoba oil*, rose absolute*, neroli*, & ylang ylang essential oils *= organic  2oz glass bottle with dropper

Scent: A delicious harmony of floral & citrus, powerful & sweet. Alluring to both men & women, this blend is sure to stimulate your inner passion.

Made in micro batches to ensure quality. All of our ingredients are sourced from a trusted local company that has been in business since 1940. Feel good about what you put on your skin. 

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