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Grounded everything oil

Grounded everything oil

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Grounded is a versatile oil that we use for everything. Use it on face, body, hair, and for all skin types.

At Good Golly, we’re tree people. Some may even call us tree huggers, and we’re okay with that. Trees are cool. That’s why we made this formula with a blend of incredible tree oils. 

Starting with Palo Santo, known for its spiritual healing & purification. This oil is extracted from the bark of Palo Santo trees in South America. It will uplift your mood, while also grounding your senses & relaxing you after a tiresome day.

Combined with frankincense & sandalwood our blend is great for arthritis, & achy muscles due to their anti inflammatory properties. Frankincense is spectacular for aging skin, wrinkles, and even acne with its antiseptic qualities. 

Bottled in 1 oz pump, 2 oz with dropper, or 10 ml roller for on the go. Great to pop on your inner wrists or neck before a yoga or meditation practice. All hail the power of trees! 

Made in micro batches to ensure quality. All of our ingredients are sourced from a trusted business since 1940. Feel good about what you put on your skin. 100% natural, always. 

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