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Gua sha set | organic face serum | natural jade crystal | face sculpting

Gua sha set | organic face serum | natural jade crystal | face sculpting

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Natural jade gua sha set | gua sha | organic face serum| vitamin c | anti aging | lymphatic massage | migraine | spa gift | wrinkles

Our gua sha box is a perfect gift for yourself or anyone in your life. 100% natural jade gua sha + tester bottle of our anti aging & antioxidant facial serum. Awaken your senses and open your third eye chakra with our light and luxurious organic facial serum. Gua sha is the perfect way to slow down and take time for yourself. Keep it in the fridge or freezer for an ultimate cooling massage to relieve headaches, depuff under eyes, and promote lymphatic drainage.

•Apply 2-3 drops of Third Eye serum onto your fingertips and pat onto your face+neck.
•Use the gua sha tool in outward motions along your neck, jaw, under eye, forehead, etc..
•The provided card shows which side of the gua sha tool is best for each area of the face. Refer to the card if you forget which way to go!
•Wash your gua sha with soap and warm water and store in the provided muslin pouch.

•100% Natural Jade Crystal gua sha
-Third Eye Facial Serum
•Argan oil*
•Rosehip oil*
•Jojoba oil*
•Sacha Inchi oil*
•Vitamin e
•Clary sage* essential oil
•Ylang Ylang* essential oil

Box includes: Natural jade gua sha measuring from 2.9”-3”, muslin pouch, 15 ML Third Eye anti aging serum, gua sha instruction card

Handcrafted in micro batches on Cape Cod.

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